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Best Non Veg Hotel in Warje

OktoberFest and Kebab Festival – Mystic Flavours

Oktoberfest at Mystic Flavours

Oktoberfest is the worlds largest beer festival which is held annually in Munich from Mid September to the first weekend of October. The original Beer festival in Germany is so popular that it has attracts Read More

Best Non-Veg Restaurant – Near Me

Looking for the Best Non Veg Restaurant in Warje?

When people go out on the town looking for a good dining experience what exactly is it they are looking for? Mystic Flavours in Pune tries to resolve some of the queries as to why it is the best Non-Veg restaurant in Pune. Read More

Dish Of The Month – Ratatouille

Dish of the Month

We at Mystic Flavours constantly revamp and update our menu so as to introduce new and exotic dishes from around the globe to our guests. Our team puts in a lot of effort to bring the choicest picks from the international cuisine to your plate. Our seasoned chefs experiment with different flavours and textures to Read More

Independence Day Spirit At Mystic Flavours

Independence Day Spirit At Mystic Flavours

Independence Day is an occasion that brings out the zealous patriotic spirit in every citizen of India. It is a day to honour those who devoted their lives to the struggle for independence and to celebrate the glory of our nation. This Independence Day, the staff and chefs at Mystic Flavours, Read More

Good Food, Served Quick and Light on Your Pocket


I read a joke recently about the type of services being offered. The joke said.


“We offer three types of services FAST-GOOD-CHEAP.
There is a catch though, you can only pick TWO. Read More

What our Customers have to Say about Mystic Flavours

Trying to be the best restaurant in Pune isn’t an easy task and we at Mystic Flavours knew that we had an uphill battle on our hands. Everyone knows what the key components are to having a successful restaurant yet it’s so hard to get all the things to click for you. We have made every effort to ensure that we meet the customer’s high standards of requirements. Read More

Dish of the Month at Mystic Flavours – Thai Red Curry

Dish of the Month at Mystic Flavours – Thai Red Curry

Even before we started Mystic Flavours in Warje, we have a tradition in my family to plan a trip abroad every two or three years. A couple of years ago, we had visited Thailand and the place is just amazing. What really caught my fancy though; being in the restaurant industry, was the food there. Read More

FAQ’s about Mystic Flavours

Since we get so many queries about hosting celebrations at Mystic Flavours in Pune we thought we would get down and set up a FAQ’s blog about us. If you feel there is anything you would like to ask, feel free to contact us directly on   020 -30189741 or leave your questions on our FaceBook Page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Read More

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